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Are you planning to launch a European citizens’ initiative, or are you currently promoting one? Or perhaps you are simply interested in discussing potential citizens’ initiatives?

This platform is a space for you to get practical information and advice about the European citizens’ initiative, and to discuss any topics related to it.

It is not the place to register an initiative or to consult the list of registered initiatives. For any of this, you should  visit the  European citizens’ initiative official register , which also provides information on the legislative and procedural framework.

This site is a pilot project, operated by a consortium of three organisations – ESN, ECAS and CARSA – on behalf of and under contract to the European Commission.

From the blog


Minority SafePack Initiative kicks off post-signature strategy for success

The Minority SafePack Initiative (MSPI) has successfully gathered 1.1 million signatures. But in our view this is not the end of the road by far... - Read more


Prague, Czech Republic | What makes a European Citizens’ Initiative successful? Motivation, communication and common sense

The European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow continued its journey across Europe with a visit to the Festival of Democracy held in Prague... - Read more


EU citizens call for an end to cages for animals

On 11 September, the European Commission registered the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘END THE CAGE AGE’... - Read more

Latest news


European Citizens' Initiative: European Commission declares as inadmissible request for EU referendum on the United Kingdom remaining or leaving

The Commission has refused registration of a proposed initiative entitled ... – Read more


#EUTakeTheInitiative | Join us in Vienna, Austria on 13 December 2018 for a full-day conference on the European Citizens’ Initiative and its reform

The #EUTakeTheInitiative Roadshow is heading to Vienna ... – Read more


#EUTakeTheInitiative | Next stop: Lisbon, Portugal on 26 November 2018

The next stop of the #EUTakeTheInitiative Roadshow is Lisbon ... – Read more


New initiative registered!

The European Commission has decided to register a new European citizens’ initiative ... – Read more


Webinar 5: How to raise funds

On 14 November October 11.00-12.00 CET a webinar on how to raise funds will be held to provide information on how to collect funds ... – Read more


Join us in Paris on 8 November to learn how to successfully organise a European citizens’ initiative

The European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow team is organising its next knowledge-sharing workshop ... – Read more

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