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Two European citizens’ initiatives back fight for rule of law and climate

European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen was clear enough in front of the European Parliament... - Read more


Participatory democracy for a citizen-based Europe: challenges and perspectives

On 9 and 10 August 2019 the European Citizens' Initiative team participated in the Arvamus Festival... - Read more


Initiative seeks rules update on new plant breeding techniques

The European Court of Justice has established that organisms obtained through new plant breeding techniques... - Read more


European citizens’ initiatives organisers came together in Brussels to share practical tips and tricks for a successful campaign

As part of the Take The Initiative campaign, the European Citizens’ Initiative team with the support of the European Commission... - Read more


Let’s impose NUTRI-SCORE at the EU level!

Faced with an increasingly varied but increasingly opaque food supply, European Union citizens now... - Read more


Students seek to end kerosene tax exemption for EU flights

On 10 May 2019, the European Commission registered the European citizens’ initiative... - Read more


European Citizens’ Initiative 2.0 – a louder voice for EU citizens

The new European Citizens’ Initiative Regulation has arrived and is the next important step for this groundbreaking instrument of participatory democracy... - Read more


European Citizens' Initiative – communication hurdles?

A political agreement has recently been reached on new rules for the... - Read more


European Citizens’ Initiative: raising awareness and encouraging citizens involvement

The European Citizens’ Initiative team visited Timisoara as part of the Take The Initiative campaign... - Read more


European Citizens’ Initiative: Engaging with citizens at the Democracy Alive! Festival in Texel, the Netherlands

The European Citizens’ Initiative team visited Texel as part of the three-year long European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow... - Read more


European Citizens' Initiative: why do citizens care?

For the last seven years, I have been organising an annual conference, the ECI Day... - Read more


European Citizens’ Initiative: giving citizens the confidence to take the initiative

The European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow kicked off its second year with a half-day knowledge sharing workshop... - Read more


Stop EU funding fraud, stop EU-funded illiberalism

In this rapidly changing world, European citizens need a stronger, ... - Read more


Reform of the ECI: a tangible improvement

Nearly seven years after the introduction of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)... - Read more


TAKE THE INITIATIVE: the reform, the community and the importance of sharing knowledge

13 December 2018, 9:30 – 17:00 | Conference on the European Citizens’ Initiative |Vienna, Austria

The European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow ended its first year of travel across Europe with a full day interactive conference... - Read more


Sharpening the Swiss Army knife for European democracy

It is a true legend – and cultural icon. The multi-tool pocketknife was manufactured... - Read more


The European Citizens’ Initiative in practice: learning from past and present experiences with the European Citizens’ Initiative

L’initiative citoyenne européenne poursuit son chemin à travers l’Europe et a marqué un arrêt à Paris le temps... - Read more


European Citizens’ Initiative in practice: sharing knowledge about what works in Portugal

The European Citizens’ Initiative visited Portugal as part of the three-year long European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow... - Read more


Minority SafePack Initiative kicks off post-signature strategy for success

The Minority SafePack Initiative (MSPI) has successfully gathered 1.1 million signatures. But in our view this is not the end of the road by far... - Read more


Prague, Czech Republic | What makes a European Citizens’ Initiative successful? Motivation, communication and common sense

The European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow continued its journey across Europe with a visit to the Festival of Democracy held in Prague... - Read more


EU citizens call for an end to cages for animals

On 11 September, the European Commission registered the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘END THE CAGE AGE’... - Read more


#European Citizens’ Initiative in practice: sharing knowledge about what works in Poland

The European Citizens’ Initiative made a pit stop in Warsaw as part of its three-year long Roadshow across Europe... - Read more


Support The European Citizen Initiative against hunger

With the support of a citizen committee, we want to help the 49 million Europeans ... - Read more


Butent! Festival, Lithuania: 90 discussions, 200 speakers and 6 000 citizens stand up for democracy

By Yana Pargova, Campaign Manager @ EUTakeTheInitiative, GOPA Com.

The European Citizens’ Initiative Roadshow set up its tent for two days ... - Read more


The European Citizens' Initiative gives YOU the power to shape Europe

Since 2012 when the European Citizens’ Initiative was first launched,... - Read more


Permanent EU citizenship - If not now, then when?

The Permanent European Union Citizenship initiative was registered by the European Commission on 23 July 2018... - Read more



The European Citizens’ Initiative aims to make the EU more democratic... - Read more


The European Parliament commits to more responsibility in the follow-up to successful initiatives

The long road towards a European Citizens’ Initiative that works for all... - Read more


Assya Kavrakova from ECAS on the future of the European Citizens’ Initiative

Assya Kavrakova, Director of ECAS: The European Citizens’ Initiative is the first transnational participatory democracy mechanism in the world... - Read more


European Citizens’ Initiative roadshow kicks off in Sofia

The European Citizens’ Initiative roadshow kicked off during the European Civic Days in Sofia, Bulgaria on 29-31 May... – Read more


Use It or Lose It: Why raising awareness of the European Citizens’ Initiative should be a priority

Outside of our work in the world of democracy and civil society, the average EU citizen is usually surprised to find out that the European Citizens’ Initiative exists. - Read more


Taking Europe beyond the ‘Brussels bubble’ through the ECI

The involvement of civil society in decision-making has been one of the cornerstones of the EU institutions legitimacy-seeking strategies since the late 1990s. - Read more


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