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Stop EU funding fraud, stop EU-funded illiberalism

In this rapidly changing world, European citizens need a stronger, more efficient and a proactive European Union. That is the only chance all EU countries have to manage the forthcoming global economic, environmental and political challenges. We strongly believe that a more effective EU could be a leading economic and political power in our world.

Earlier, BREXIT seemed to be causing a derailment, but today, there are many populist, hate-mongering and corrupt European politicians who are attacking the core values of the European Union and using EU funds to weaken checks and balances, civil society and media freedom.

State-level fraud with EU funds destabilises democracies, endangers the competitive economic environment, resulting in oligarchic systems and finally leads us towards the framework of illiberal states. Thus, from West to East, and from North to South it is in the existential interest of the EU that its citizens stand for our common values: democracy, the rule of law and ’clean’ public life. Only in this way can we preserve the political, economic and global potency of European integration that established peace after World War II across the continent! That is why we have launched the 'STOP FRAUD and abuse of EU FUNDS’ European citizens’ initiative.

The initiative calls on the Commission to launch legislative proposals on preliminary controls in these Member States not participating in the enhanced cooperation scheme establishing the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. More precisely, the initiative proposes the following:

  • Ex-ante control of funding and procurement decisions in risky areas should be carried out in the said Member States;
  • In-depth controls should cover a complete exploration of all circumstances;
  • Fraudulent activities and other offences harming the EU’s financial interests should be published.

It is obvious that an illiberal Member State is often financed indirectly from EU funds which were originally given – amongst others – to a country to develop its less-developed areas. Instead of that goal, this money has been channelled to the concerned government’s oligarchs to build and maintain their overwhelming power in their owned propagandist media and in the local economy, too.

This is why it is absolutely crucial not only to examine the existence of the ‘rule of law’ but also to reveal all circumstances and fields where EU funds are being improperly used.

Among others, that is why seven private individuals from seven different EU countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg and Sweden) have launched a European citizens’ initiative “STOP FRAUD and abuse of EU FUNDS”.

Our goal is clear: do not let illiberal-populist and corrupt politicians use EU funds to secure their control and power in any Member State.

By collecting 1 million – mainly online – signatures our goal is that the European Commission will propose legislation to STOP FRAUD with EU FUNDS by enabling better control of spending. We are strongly convinced that it is in the existential interest of the EU to prevent hate-mongering, illiberal, corrupt and anti-EU governments using EU funds for their own benefit and against Euro-Atlantic values.



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