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Topics is for discussion of general questions related to the European Citizens’ Initiative. Join or start a discussion here to exchange views about the process. (For discussion of ideas for specific initiatives, go to Ideas for initiatives)

Each participant in a discussion may contribute in his/her own language. Use the Google language selector at the top of the page to display the text in your preferred language.

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Topic Status Author Creation date Contributors Category
Discussion Proposed Brexit New Oct 30, 2019 02:50 0 - Undefined
Discussion Necesitamos un proyecto Europeo que ilusione In discuss Apr 3, 2019 01:26 1 Undefined
Discussion Inventing EU data record system saving data of working people in EU member states New Feb 13, 2019 22:51 0 - Undefined
Discussion Standardized education academically across all EU member states. In discuss Jul 17, 2018 17:51 1 Undefined
Discussion Education regarding EU In discuss Jul 17, 2018 17:40 1 Undefined
Discussion New EU data regulation New Jul 6, 2018 15:15 0 - Undefined
Discussion Data protection In discuss Jul 6, 2018 15:12 1 Undefined
Discussion Online Collection System In discuss Jul 6, 2018 11:16 2 Undefined

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